MOTs & vehicle repairs in Portadown, Co. Armagh

Engine servicing

Detailed MOT checks

It is important to have your vehicle checked by an expert before an MOT to ensure the best chance of passing. We can get your vehicle ready, from checking your wiper fluid to making sure your Vehicle Identification Number is properly displayed. Should your vehicle need any pre-MOT repairs we will provide a detailed breakdown of the work required and a full, no-obligation quotation of the cost, before carrying out any work. Contact us for more information.

All MOT Checks Include:

Car check icon


Full diagnostic of all electrical equipment - from indicators, and headlights, to brake and fog lights.

Steering wheel icon


Testing the strength and condition of both the steering wheel and steering column.

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It is essential to ensure that tyre tread, pressure and overall condition are up to standard before any MOT.

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Number Plate

Often overlooked, it is essential to ensure your vehicle's unique identification number is in good condition and clearly displayed.

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Check the condition of brake pads and the efficiency of your vehicle braking system.

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Seats & Seat Belts

Check the condition of your seats and seat belts for safety and security.

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Screens & Mirrors

Ensuring Mirrors, Wipers & Windscreen are free from damage.

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Checking suspension joints and shock absorbers for any signs of corrosion and wear.

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